"Milhares de pensamentos passam em nossas mentes todos os dias, todos os segundos. O mundo gira, a vida passa, nada para! Presenciamos coisas, fazemos escolhas, formamos opiniões. Poemas e versos se fazem sem que percebamos, então vamos concretizar os pensamentos! A liberdade de falar nem sempre nos é dada, ou mesmo que dada, nem sempre nos convém falar. Bem-vindos ao meu mundo. Falemos o que pensamos!"

terça-feira, 27 de abril de 2010

Fragile Girl

With myself, things work differently
I hug my knees and look through the window just to give wings to my mind.
The rain is cold outside. Are you feeling?
Am I doing the right thing all the time? When did I left you go away?
I didn't say it was forever.
Don't you see that a butterfly has to crawl before got wings?
I don't feel the freedom. So, am I crawling? Or it's my cocoon?
You showed me you're tired of waiting. At least it seems.
Am I still that I-finally-discovered-what-love-is girl? Yes, but my face now has expression of pains that I suffered in past, and now I don't have you here anymore.
I'm not sure of anything anymore, it breaks me up in thousand of peaces. I don't have answers.
All I wanted is to be treated as a girl without protection.
Are you able to forgetting the world and hug me ?
I wanna sleep while someone makes caress on my hair.
Am I being fair ? Or you ?
It's that I'm just tired of blame me.
Because now it's heavy and I wanted to divide, but you're not even here.
Please tell me the way this history goes, I need to live a real life!
But I feel I'm still stuck, and I still don't know if I wanna be free,
Because I'll miss you and I don't know if I'll support this pain.

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