"Milhares de pensamentos passam em nossas mentes todos os dias, todos os segundos. O mundo gira, a vida passa, nada para! Presenciamos coisas, fazemos escolhas, formamos opiniões. Poemas e versos se fazem sem que percebamos, então vamos concretizar os pensamentos! A liberdade de falar nem sempre nos é dada, ou mesmo que dada, nem sempre nos convém falar. Bem-vindos ao meu mundo. Falemos o que pensamos!"

segunda-feira, 19 de abril de 2010

I'm here, always.

Today I'm quite, thinking, crying.
Why does evil exist inside someone's heart?
Why there're some people laughing just because other is crying and suffering?
What's the pleasure in that ?
Why people do bad things to their brothers, sisters, family?
Why don't everybody can't help the needy?
Why some are unhappy and wanting to ruining someone's life ?
I'm quite because it's hard for me to accept.
I don't want this world, I don't wanna bad things.
I wanna sing al the time,
I just wanna peace. It hurts me to see how some people can be so hearthless.
I don't understand! Everything was so good...
"But, I'm with you honey.
Hold my hand an see, we are together. Hug me strong.
Don't worry, I'll take care of you. Sleep.
We will win this, we are not alone as we think.
We have each other, we have Lord, we're not gonna lose it was just a nightmare."
I'm here on my own because I've never had really someone.
That was just ilusions. I don't have to trust on anyone. People are unreliable. I hate to assume that,
but I tried to have a friend.
All my friends are just gone, but I'm feeling good. 
It's not supposed to be like that, but this is the reality. Do you like it ?
I wanna shut my mouth as usual, and fly my thoughts.
I wanna recover, breathe and fight all over again, because it never ends,
And I'll never lose, because God put the hand on my shoulder.
I ask let my honey alone, she's all I have!
I bear that, let my baby sleep. Let she be happy.
Don't you see she's tired of fighting? Stop now! Stop hurting her, it kills me.
I apologize the world, but today I don't care to no one.
I'm not even here. My head is off, my heart is flying hurting, bleeding...
I have to be strong.
My tears falls without my effort, but I'm not weak.
I have to be strong, I wanna see my sweetie fine.

This is an intention of making a song without melody yet♥

Daniele Brito

5 comentários:

Ricardo Siqueira disse...


Luana disse...

Bonito! É seu?

Dani Brito disse...

Ricardo - Obrigada! Seus comentários sempre objetivos! A-do-ro!

Luana - Obrigada, é meu sim. =)

Jacky disse...

awesome my darling!

Anônimo disse...

Tudo Bem? fascinante este site parece bem estruturado.........bom estilo:)
Muito Bonito faz mais posts deste modo !!

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